GT = gf_geotrans(string name)

Description :

General constructor for geotrans objects.

The geometric transformation must be used when you are building a custom mesh convex by convex (see the add_convex() function of mesh): it also defines the kind of convex (triangle, hexahedron, prism, etc..)

Command list :

GT = gf_geotrans(string name)

The name argument contains the specification of the geometric transformation as a string, which may be:

  • GT_PK(n,k) : Transformation on simplexes, dim <literal>n</literal>, degree <literal>k</literal>.

  • GT_QK(n,k) : Transformation on parallelepipeds, dim <literal>n</literal>, degree <literal>k</literal>.

  • GT_PRISM(n,k) : Transformation on prisms, dim <literal>n</literal>, degree <literal>k</literal>.

  • GT_PRODUCT(A,B) : Tensorial product of two transformations.

  • GT_LINEAR_PRODUCT(geotrans gt1,geotrans gt2) : Linear tensorial product of two transformations